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Lion’s Heart

In 2010, Landen “Lion” Bowers was born with a large, failing heart. His condition was so severe that his parent’s were warned he would not live to his first birthday. With his courage and strength and the gift of a new heart, Lion has survived and is the inspiration and motivation behind Lionheart.

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Lionheart Press Release: February 4, 2016

LIONHEART LAUNCHES TO IMPROVE MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS Platform will simplify health management for both patients and caregivers Seattle, WA––February 4, 2016–– L​ionheart,​an app that connects patients and...

You’re No Burden, I Assure

One day running errands with Chloe in her wheelchair and carrying my baby Sam, a very nice lady stopped me to chat about Chloe. She ended by saying, “thank...

A Stand Out Truth

You don’t have to stand up to stand out! Our friend, Kendall, is living proof of...